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Sadism can be defined as the derivation of pleasure, including the sexual one, as a result of inflicting physical pain and moral humiliation on others. The term “sadism” was widely introduced by the Austrian psychiatrist R. Krafft-Ebing in his monograph “Psychopathia Sexualis” (1886).

The origin of the term “sadism” is connected with the name of the legendary Marquis de Sade, who described similar deviations in his novels. The main concept of his novels runs that, “A person is free to get satisfaction without any restrictions and remorse”. Marquis believed that sexual stimulation should be sought for everywhere, tortures, murders and violence were not an exception, in his opinion. The leading character of his novels is a sexual molester, a hangman, a torturer, a sadist. 
The well-known psychoanalyst Erich Fromm distinguishes several types of sadistic propensities. The first type is characterized by the desire to obtain the absolute power over somebody, to make the person dependent, to turn them into his own instruments. The second type of sadistic propensities implies the desire not only to manipulate people completely, but also to use them, rob them, which can concern both wealth and intangible assets, such as intelligence or feelings of another person. The third type manifests itself in the derivation of pleasure as a result of inflicting physical pain or spiritual sufferings on others. 
Sadistic behaviour can be directed on people who are inferior to a sadist in physical strength (children, physically challenged people), animals, family members dependent on the sadist, subordinates at the workplace, and also people subordinate in society (sadistic attitude of one social group to another, for example, the Nazi attitude to Jews).
Sexual sadism can happen only in the case when sexual satisfaction is achieved as a result of physical and/or moral humiliation of another person. According to the statistics, sexual sadism is observed among 5% of men and 2% of women.
A characteristic and very unpleasant feature of a sadist’s personality is a repulsive combination of cruelty and cowardice. The fact is that sadists feel the strongest need to have total control over other people. To satisfy this need sadists try to make acquaintance among those people whom they can presumably bend to their will. That is why a strong personality is not likely to be found in the entourage of a sadist. However, sadists express a very respectful attitude towards the powers-that-be. Those people who occupy high posts in society are, as a rule, treated by sadists with servility. Such an explosive mixture of traits gives some psychotherapists the reason to say that there is no such notion as “sadism” and we can speak only about sadomasochism.
Having identified a sadist in your surroundings try to avoid any contacts with him, since communication with such people will bring you no good. If, heaven forbid, you find yourself anyhow dependent on a sadist, do your best to change this situation. 

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