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27 Agosto 2013 às 21:58

May young men take drugs against ED?

May young men take drugs against ED?

There are more and more young men with no sexual potency problems who take drugs with anti-erectile dysfunction effect just to reinforce feelings of pleasure. Moreover it is very easy to order Viagra, Cialis and Levitra online without a doctor’s prescription. One can order Viagra in internet drugstores without trouble. Is it acceptable or can this harm a man’s health? See if we can answer this question.

If erectile problems of a man are transient, using anti-ED drugs is reasonable. In this case drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra will help a man to avoid expectation syndrome of sexual failure, which leads him into a vicious circle: an occasional failure causes dramatic lack of self-confidence, the man starts to think about the failure and deprives himself of the capability to get a normal erection.Young people are especially vulnerable in this situation.  They feel upset and believe there will be no normal sex in their life. Therefore the decision to order Viagra, Cialis or Levitra online may effect positively in this situation.

Anti-ED drugs are allowed to use after 18 only when suffering with erectile dysfunction. Nowadays, when life is full of stress and anxiety, age threshold becomes younger and younger, and therefore more young people buy Viagra.

However, there is no need to order Viagra just to reinforce feelings of pleasure. Though this applies to all medicines though.

The action of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra is based on that after taking one of these drugs unstriped muscles relax and blood flow increases. It happens because phosphodiesterase enzyme type 5 is inhibited. In other words, by sexual arousal blood vessels of a penis dilate under the impact of the drug. Blood flow in a penis intensifies which favors appearance and maintenance of normal erection. 

As we see, anti-erectile dysfunction drugs start up the whole reaction chain in an organism. For intensification of feelings one may try to diversify sex itself, and Viagra is a drug which one takes for elimination of the concrete sexual problem. So we recommend you to take it most seriously and order Viagra, Levitra and Cialis online, if it is really necessary.

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Em muitos países, os médicos estão preocupados com o fato de que mais jovens começam a pedir Viagra. 97% dos jovens, teoricamente, não pode ter disfunção erétil, enquanto nos restantes 3% este está ligado a lesões físicas congênitas ou desequilíbrio hormonal.

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