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Counterfeit Viagra and drugs against ED

Counterfeit Viagra and drugs against ED

How to protect oneself from counterfeit drugs against ED?

Potency problems is ordeal for any man, even for the most strongest and most successful one. Of course, a man getting into such a complex situation, spurs on to change it in a variety of ways. And unfortunately quite a lot of swindlers make use of it. Ministries of Public Health of different countries constantly alert about usage of counterfeit pills with anti-impotence effect. However pharmaceutical market abounds in counterfeit drugs, usage of which is useless and at times unsafe.

Mostly counterfeit drugs are made of substandard raw-stuff, which is bought in China and India. Counterfeits are divided into three: imitation, placebo and modified drug. Placebo does not contain therapeutic properties and totally consist of different fillers. One may come across talc, lactose, chalk, color additives. Backstreet manufacturers  contrive to use dry clay, soda, flour and washing powder. You just waste Your money.

Counterfeits, which imitate genuine preparation, contain totally other substances, but none of the mentioned in a drug instruction. It can be a cheaper analogue which can increase risk of harmful consequences for an organism after using it. Modified drug contains the same reactants as original, but in a lower or higher dose. Counterfeit pills with anti-erectile dysfunction effect often contain too high dose of active substance. For example, if one pill of well-known Viagra contains maximum of 100 mg of active substance – sildenafil citrate, and Cialis contains maximum of 20 mg of tadalafil, then counterfeit pills may contain considerably more of stuff. For instance, checking counterfeit Viagra it turns out that a pill contains 183 mg of Sildenafil, and counterfeit cialis contain 27 mg of tadalafil. These doses are very high.

How to distinguish counterfeit from original? Experts mention that it is difficult even for a specialist. However, any person can always protect oneself from buying counterfeit drug. Observe some simple rules. First of all learn the instruction. It contains detailed deion of the drug, specifies possibility of sediment or change in color, deion of pills packaging.

Buying Viagra, Cialis and Levitra on-line pay attention to packaging design and the very drug. For example, output of Viagra drug is blue pills of diamond shape. There are the stamped name of Pfizer manufacturer on the one side, and three capital letters VGR, amount of milligrams of the drug in one - 25, 50 or 100 on the other side of it. Frequently the very inaccurate packaging denotes that the drug is counterfeit. If some patient takes the same drug over a long period of time, he/she has to keep the drug package. It will come in handy for comparison. A carelessly sealed blister, blurred inions on the box, illegible use-by date, mistakes in deion are main reasons for suspicion. If you take drugs, prescribed by a specialist and don’t feel beneficial effect and, what is worse, your health condition takes a sharp for the worse, appeal to a doctor . There is a big probability of the fact that you take a counterfeit drug.

Of course, one should pay attention to the very drug name. Pfizer company has already won judicial processes against the companies which sold production called «Vaegra» and «Viagro». Besides, these companies sold the production at the same price as original Viagra. Sometimes manufacturers of counterfeit drugs even allege that drugs quality of their production holds its own to quality of original drugs. In that case, what does prevent them from product release to the market as an independent brand, after all?

For different reasons a lot of men prefer buying Viagra online without any prescription. In this case try to order Cialis, Viagra or Levitra online at those verified websites where Your friends have already ordered, or just choose  serious websites. Observing these simple rules, You will considerably reduce risk to get counterfeit drug instead genuine one.

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