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Sex and Sexuality after 60

Sex and Sexuality after 60

“Among all the mundane pleasures a man values sexual relations most, since they are still missing in paradise” (Mark Twain).

All ages bow to love, as the saying goes. However, a tumultuous sexual life almost always is associated with the young and active. What age is appropriate to refuse sex then, if it is appropriate at all?
New England Journal of Medicine has published a report about one research conducted with the participation of three thousand Americans aged between 57 and 85 years. Its findings show that the key factor of the sexual activity is not the age but the mental attitude of a person. Certainly, sex drive becomes lower with time, very often erectile dysfunction appears too. Still, the sexuality of a person is determined to a great extent by their inner state.
The research shows that those married couples who continue leading their sexual activity regardless of their advanced age are usually happier in their relationships than those ones who stop having sex. Sexologists note a very high significance of sexual life for people in their sixties. One of the research is based on the findings of the General Sociological Research conducted in 2004. Among the respondents there were 238 married couples who were older than 65. The findings show that 59% of those people who had not had any sexual activity (vaginal, oral and anal kinds of sex are implied) a year before the beginning of the research considered themselves to be happily married compared to 80 % of those who still had regular sex. However, the research did not show if it was the active sexual life that influenced the happiness of the spouses, or the happy spouses were more likely to have an active sexual life. Besides, it is difficult to assess the situation among the pensioners of the former USSR. 
We can make a conclusion that sexual activity at the advanced age is not only in the least abnormal but also testifies to a happy family life.
Ancient Chinese teaching Daoism states the benefit of sex at the advanced age, Daoists believed that sex could delay the process of physical aging and prolong life expectancy, and that sexual desire in harmonious relations did not die away but, on the contrary, only intensified. By the way, present-day scientists also regard sexual activity at the advanced age as the factor of longevity. The findings of one research were discussed during the last gerontological conference in London. Nine hundred eighteen men aged between 45 and 59 years were observed for 10 years. After the research had been finished it turned out that the death rate among those men who achieved orgasm twice a week or more frequently was two times lower than among those who had sex once a month or did not have it at all.
A great number of physicians who studied the influence of sexual activity on elderly people mentioned that it had a very favourable effect. 
However, there exist quite objective reasons forcing people to limit their sexual activity. Very frequently sex drive lowers because of the physiological menopause. After the menopause women have a bit thinner genital mucosa that can make a sexual intercourse uncomfortable. Sex demands a lot of energy, creates additional brain burden, makes the heart and blood vessels work harder that can lead to an increase of the heart attack probability. Men often experience prostate-related problems that result in the decrease of potency and erectile dysfunction. One of the important factors of preserving sexual abilities is the congenital properties of the reproductive system. 
To remain sexually active for many years it is essential to lead a healthy way of life, avoid stress, keep to a healthy diet, have enough sleep, maintain mental activity and muscle tone, abstain from smoking, alcohol drinking and of course the use of drugs. One more important factor is the mental attitude of a person. Have an optimistic attitude to life, do not worry about trifles and try to value those pleasant moments which really constitute your life.

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