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13 April 2013 ved 21:32

Sexual Abstinence

Sexual Abstinence

There exists a stereotyped view that sexual abstinence has a favourable effect on a person’s health. Really, a lot of long-livers can be found among the monks who abstain from sexual life. But is it anyhow connected with sexual abstinence? Or vice versa, a long-term sexual abstinence is harmful for the health? Let us try to sort everything out.

Sexual abstinence occurs everywhere in our mundane life, it can be not principle but forced, for example a quarrel with a spouse, military service, the absence of a beloved person in life, etc. 
Psychotherapists and sexologists claim that sexual abstinence is dangerous for one’s health, and most frequently it is the woman who suffers from it. It is connected with the fact that women more often willingly refuse having sexual relationship if they do not have a permanent sexual partner, since the majority of women consider it to be rather humiliating to have sexual affairs with strangers. While men usually do not bother that much about this problem.
Long-term sexual abstinence influences male and female health differently. In the case of men it causes mainly physiological problems, while psychological problems prevail among women. A woman’s character starts to change and obviously for the worst, since she becomes, as a rule, more irritable, liable to severe judgements and criticism. At first, sexual abstinence increases female sex drive, but in some time it can disappear altogether. When the woman renews her sexual activity a number of unpleasant surprises can await her. Most likely she will need more time for sexual arousal. Besides, sexual abstinence makes the organism produce less lubrication that can inflict pain or unpleasant sensations during a sexual intercourse. There can also appear difficulties achieving orgasm. Nevertheless, there is no need to despair since all these problems can be solved. It is recommended to make the foreplay longer, practice cunnilingus, make use of lubricants which can be found virtually in every pharmacy.
Sexual abstinence can cause such diseases as uterine fibroid tumor and fibroadenoma of the mammary gland.
Among men sexual abstinence may cause erectile dysfunction and problems with ejaculation. As a rule, when the sexual activity is renewed such problems disappear on their own. 
The efficiency of both men and women is lowered in the case of sexual abstinence. It is the cause of approximately 60% of neuroses, depression onset and increase in aggression level. The research of American scientists has shown that the lack of sexual life or interest to it can drive a person to crime.
Suppression of sex drive can lead to blood congestion and hormone imbalance. While unwilling sexual activity, in its turn, can cause psychological problems.
Certainly, the fear of sexual abstinence should not push you into the arms of the first stranger. Just do not deny yourself the things you really want! 

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