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27 Maart 2013 in 20:04

Seksuele stereotypen, mannelijke stereotypen

Seksuele stereotypen, mannelijke stereotypen

Sex stereotypes of XXI century

Stereotypes are something comfortable. With their help one may not think, as everything is clear. By the way, scientists adore refuting the most common stereotypes. Look yourself what they have discovered recently.

One thinks: modern girls have sex more than their mothers.

As a matter of fact: modern girls are much less interested in sex than their grandmothers early in life.

British scientists attribute this to the fact that there are a lot of single women in the modern world who make work and career a top priority and then sex and family.

The turning point in women's mind occurred in the 80's. Since then modern women have to solve problems of career, finances and family at the same time. What is the point about sex?!


One thinks: housewives are not sexual.

As a matter of fact: the more a woman keeps house the more her sexual desire is. 

British sociologists have found out that more than 50% of women who devote themselves to cleaning the house at least an hour a day have sex at least once a day. At the same time the ladies who hire housemaids don’t have enough time for sex. 75% of them have sex less than once a week.


One thinks: beautiful lingerie drives mad.

As a matter of fact: one not always has time to notice lingerie.

Delicate stockings awake not sexual, but esthetic feelings.

Did you know that...

Een van de meest voorkomende stereotypen die masturbatie schaden. Het feit dat de fysieke schade van masturbatie is niet bewezen, terwijl de mentale effecten zijn beperkt tot een gevoel van persoonlijke schuld voor de daad van manipulatie.

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