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Group Sex

Group Sex

Group sex has its origins in ancient times. Orgies were a part of the culture of many ancient people, very frequently they were a manifestation of worshiping one or another deity. With time, especially when monotheistic religions were adopted group sex became a taboo.

In the present-day society the open discussions of group sex began after the sexual revolution. But the acceptance of group sex is still being disputed. Most frequently as a result of such discussions there appears a conclusion that the norm is a very individual notion and it is difficult to define it accurately, moreover if it is a sexual norm. If all the participants of group sex are satisfied and get genuine pleasure from the intercourse, then it might be useless trying to persuade them that group sex is immoral and moreover – God forbid! – make it a taboo for them. Now, we are simply going to determine what people should take into consideration if they personally decide whether to practice group sex or not.
Let us start with the advantages of group sex. Undoubtedly, they exist. First of all, there is a purely physiological benefit, since during such an intercourse several erogenous zones are aroused simultaneously, every separate participant is caressed by several partners at the same time that considerably intensifies sexual sensations and, besides, adds a particular character to them. 
Moreover, group sex can present a particular fascination for those people who have considerable sexual experience and strive for new impressions.

Group sex helps to avoid the beginning of the relationships, some responsibilities and complications which virtually always appear after a sexual intercourse between the two partners. Though this idea is true only on condition that such a “group” gets together only once and the participants never see each other again. In such a variant of group sex one more advantage is the intensification of sexual sensations caused by the intercourse with strangers and by the absence of necessity to think constantly about your partner’s desires and whether you satisfy them or not.
Sex with strangers whom you will never see again can help you to feel more at ease and realize all your fantasies which you were too shy to even discuss with your permanent partner.
Besides, group sex is excellent for those who like visual sensations.
And now, let us stop on the disadvantages. Practice shows that some participants of group sex experience certain problems. Special problems arise if the group gets together for having sex more than once, in such a case there is a great possibility that the burdensome relationships mentioned above are sure to begin. The reasons for engaging in group sex are quite different. Some people try it to add variety to their sexual lives, others want to prove something to themselves, it also happens that in this situation people are ruled by the lack of self-assurance or even thirst for power! This difference in motivation often causes discord among the participants.
One of the main problems that could be named in terms of group sex is jealousy. Very frequently at least one of the participants brings their permanent partner. And even the most experienced ones cannot be sure in their reaction at the sight of a beloved person in somebody’s embrace, especially in such an intimate situation... Some people can lose control and make the partner go out for all to see just during the intercourse, others can bear the situation till the end but will make a row at home and demand the detailed report about the sensations experienced by the other partner, some other people can keep silent but they will be tormented by the storm of emotions inside them and in any case it will be no good. And only a very small percent of people will be able to let the others use their partner with no offence meant. Without any consequences. 
One of the serious problems encountered in the case of group sex is not entirely voluntary consent of the participants. A supposedly usual situation can have different variations. For example, a couple decides to invite the third participant to add variety to their sexual life. Most frequently it is the man who has such a desire. The other hesitating partner undergoes certain influence – from a usual offer or request to threatening and suggestion. And then – here they are, problems. 
Sometimes, a new participant pursues some other objects than those he voices. A woman, for example, can try to settle her own personal life in such a way or try to break the family of someone else, etc.
One of the participants can simply be deprived of attention, that will create a favourable basis for the development of various complexes. 
There exist a great number of various psychological nuances. To our great surprise even the moment of ejaculation can trigger a lot of hidden problems. Ejaculation of a man during the intercourse with one woman can prove to another one that the former is more sexually attractive. And if we take into consideration the ability of a woman to think up the missing parts of simple situations and complicate them as much as possible, then we will get a rather nightmarish picture.
Just in case we should mention the problem of safety. Of course, the greater the number of sexual partners the higher is the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and undesirable pregnancy, that is why it is essential to secure oneself.
Some participants of group sex (especially it concerns teenagers, which is even more dangerous!) in order to relax and relieve the stress caused by an unusual situation can fecklessly use drugs.
Answering the question whether group sex is right or wrong everybody should think for themselves. That is why it is important to analyze all its advantages and disadvantages and decide what might be a joyous moment for you and what can be rather painful, and consequently make a conclusion.  

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Een typische portret van mensen die zich bezighouden met groepsseks: man 32-35 jaar, een vrouw die een beetje onder de 30. In de meeste gevallen, hebben het hoger onderwijs. Uiterst moeilijk om het exacte aantal paren die zich bezighouden met groepsseks te berekenen, maar aangenomen wordt dat er ongeveer 1-3%.

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