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Viagra Pfizer

Viagra Pfizer

From the first time it appeared on the market brand Viagra Original has become a synonym for effectiveness and quality. Indeed, Viagra Original is the most well-known medication for erectile dysfunction. The active substance of the drug is sildenafil citrate. This substance increases the blood flow into the penis of a man in such a way ensuring a natural erection. However, such an effect of Viagra can be achieved only on condition of accompanying sexual arousal. At the end of a sexual intercourse the penis returns to its normal relaxed state. In such a way the sexual intercourse goes on in a natural way. 

Viagra pills were invented accidentally. The pharmaceutical company “Pfizer” was conducting clinical trials of a new medication – Sildenafil Citrate in the English town of Sandwich. The scientists developed the medication not quite for erectile dysfunction, but in fact for the treatment of heart diseases. Sildenafil Citrate was expected to increase the blood flow to the cardiac muscle and in such a way ensure lowering of the arterial blood pressure. But, to the greatest surprise of the scientists, the supposed effect did not follow. Instead, a great number of men participating in the experiment admitted that the quality of their erections had improved. The medication was named after the combination of two words: Niagara (the largest waterfall in North America) and vigor (meaning power, strength, energy). The results of clinical trials of the new medication proved its high quality and safety. Viagra was studied in a 6-months long research. Viagra was administrated by more than 3 thousand patients at the age of 19 – 87 years suffering from erectile dysfunction of different etiology (organic, psychogenic, mixed). The effectiveness of the medication was estimated on the basis of erection registration, assessment of the international index of erectile function(IIEF, a multidimensional scale for assessment of sexual function), general assessment, partner polling and diary method. In general, the effectiveness of Viagra pills was estimated according to their ability to cause erections and ensure their maintenance for a period of time sufficient for a sexual intercourse. The research also showed a considerable orgasm improvement and an increased level of satisfaction from a sexual intercourse. In 1998 Viagra pills were approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
It is recommended to administer the medication in the dosage of 50mg approximately one hour before the expected sexual intercourse. The maximum dose is 100mg daily. Viagra is a medication, that is why before taking it you should read through its contraindications, side effects and drug interactions very carefully. 
Administration of Viagra pills will ensure your erection within 4-6 hours. In such a way, people suffering from erectile dysfunction obtain an opportunity to lead a full-blown sexual life and avoid stress.

Viagra Original

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In many countries, doctors are thrilled by the fact that many young people are resorting to Viagra. 97% of young guys theoretically may not suffer from erectile dysfunction, while the remaining 3% is associated with physical trauma and congenital hormonal failure.

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