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Viagra or Levitra

Viagra or Levitra

Viagra or Levitra?

One day the majority of men face potency-related problems. Such problems are often connected with increased tension, inappropriate lifestyle, overexhaustion, and depression. Very often the problems of achieving and maintaining erections pass on their own in some period of time. But it sometimes happens that the problem remains, in this case a man most likely faces erectile dysfunction and needs treatment. 
Erectile dysfunction is most frequently defined as an inability of a man to achieve and /or maintain erection sufficient for a satisfactory sexual activity.

A large number of men suffering from erectile dysfunction resort to medicinal treatment, which has recently entered medical practice, but nevertheless enjoys a great popularity among patients because of its high effectiveness.    
Viagra and Levitra are the most popular medications for erectile dysfunction. Very often it is difficult for a man to choose the right medication which will agree with him best. That is why we would like to bring a brief comparative analysis to your attention.
What is the main difference between Viagra and Levitra? In our opinion, the main advantage of Levitra is its great drug compatibility. Levitra agrees with the majority of patients, and compared to Viagra causes fewer side effects. However, their probability cannot be ruled out completely in any case, since every man’s organism reacts differently to the same medications.
Next, Viagra is recommended for administration an hour before a sexual intercourse, though the recommendations vary considerably depending on the source of information. The same websites recommend to take Levitra 20 – 60 minutes before the intercourse, it means that if you need a quicker effect of the medication it will be more preferable for you to take Levitra.
The time course of Viagra Original’s effect is 4-6 hours while Levitra Original boasts 8-12 hours. On a great number of forums men advise those who prefer a stronger erection within several hours to take Viagra.
It means, that you can make a choice between the two medications taking into consideration different factors, such as: the duration of a medication’s effect, the peculiarities of its interaction with other drugs, the amount of time it takes a drug to spring into action, etc.
Besides, you can certainly try both medications, of course taken at different periods of time, and decide which of the effects is more preferable personally for you. Good luck to you in sexual life!

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A study conducted on 40 men in the Mexican Institute shows that Viagra reduces the risk associated with heart disease in patients with diabetes type 2.

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