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Viagra or Kamagra

Viagra or Kamagra

Viagra vs. Kamagra

Unfortunately, rather often men at their advanced age (though not necessarily) have to face the problem of erectile dysfunction. There exist several various methods of ED treatment, among them there is also medicinal treatment. Medicinal treatment of erectile dysfunction has appeared rather recently and enjoys the greatest popularity due to its high effectiveness. However, there exists a wide range of medications for erectile dysfunction. How can one choose the best drug for themselves? What criteria should be taken into consideration while choosing a medication of such a type? Let us consider two of the most popular medications used by the patients – Viagra and Kamagra.
First of all, it is essential to consult a doctor who can recommend you a medication relying on his assessment of the state of your health, existing contraindications and so on.
Besides, you can try to take both these medications in turn and find out which drug produced the desired effect on you. But there also exists a range of factors which can influence your choice depending on the situation. For example, you want to achieve an erection within the shortest possible period of time after the administration of the medication. In such a case Kamagra will be preferable for you, since it is recommended to take it 40-45 minutes before a sexual intercourse, while Viagra should be administered an hour before the intercourse. Despite the fact that these time characteristics vary depending on the source of information, Kamagra still has an advantage in this respect. 
Viagra Original works within 4-6 hours, the same for Kamagra. If you decide to purchase Kamagra you will have an opportunity to save your money since this medication costs less than Viagra. A more reasonable price is explained by the fact that Kamagra is a generic drug.
Besides, those men who have tried both Viagra and Kamagra admit that the side effects of Viagra appear more frequently and are more severe than those of Kamagra.
Kamagra contains the same active substance that Viagra Original. Kamagra can be called a generic version of Viagra. Generic medications contain the same active substances that the original drugs and their more reasonable prices are not in the least connected with the quality.
A great number of men recommend taking Viagra, since its effect is more reliable. In any case it is advisable to consult a doctor and read carefully through the contraindications to the administration of the medication before taking it.

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When a person is exposed to extreme cold, numb limbs start, but Viagra can maintain normal blood flow to the hands and feet. This fact is known as Raynaud's syndrome.

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