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Sex and Health

Sex and Health

Sex and Health

It has recently been found out that sexual activity influences the life expectancy of men greater that their position in society and income. Numerous research shows that regular sexual intercourses have a favourable effect on a person’s health. Now then, let us try to enumerate all the advantages of the active sexual life. 

1.The risk of a stroke or a heart attack among men who have sex three or more times a week is three times lower. And in general, those men who lead active sexual lives are considerably less likely to acquire cardio-vascular diseases.

2.Sex improves your mood. And it happens not only due to the satisfaction of a psychological origin. The fact is that before achieving the sexual climax the level of oxytocin hormone rises five times that results in the production of endorphins.

3.If you have sex twice a week or even more often, your immune system will get additional support due to an increase of immunoglobulin A by 30%. Besides, the probability of catching a cold will reduce, since the blood of those people who have sex regularly produces 30% more antibodies than others’. The produced antibodies help a person to fight infectious diseases. 

4.Your sense of smell will improve. After the sexual intercourse the hormone prolactin is released into the bloodflow and it stimulates the development of neurons including those which are situated in the smell centre.

5.The reduction of algesthesia is observed due to the endorphins which produce the analgesic effect. They will even help you to fight migraines! And those representatives of the fair sex who have intercourses at least twice a week have a more active synthesis of estrogens which helps them to cope with pain caused by the premenstrual syndrome.

6.Sex improves the functioning of the urinary bladder. During a sexual intercourse a person does a peculiar exercise for the urinary bladder muscles. Such exercises help to avoid various diseases, for instance cystitis.

7.The condition of the prostate gland gets improved. While producing the seminal fluid a great number of carcinogens are extracted from the bloodflow of a man. Then they are excreted from the body together with the sperm. In such a way, carcinogens virtually have no time to do harm to the prostate gland of a man who often has sex. In the case of sexual abstinence the risk of  prostate cancer increases approximately by 30%.

8.A regular sexual activity will help you to lose weight. During a sexual intercourse you burn approximately the same number of calories that are lost in a fifteen-minute run on the track. The loss of calories during a sexual intercourse amounts to 200 cal in 20 minutes, that is almost equal to 30 minutes spent in the swimming pool!

A kiss will help you to burn 90 cal, an orgasm – 25 cal. The simulation of orgasm will rid you of 160 calories! Sex will also help you to strengthen the muscles of your buttocks, arms, pelvis and thighs.

9.The condition of your teeth will also improve! The scientists admit that the majority of people brush their teeth before having sex. And this helps them to avoid frequent visits to the dentist.

10.Testosterone released into the bloodflow during a sexual intercourse has a favourable impact on the locomotor apparatus.

11.Sex can be a means of diagnosing cardio-vascular diseases. For example, erectile dysfunction can be the sign of diseased blood vessels, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and others.

12.Regular erections stimulate sperm regeneration, increase its motility (due to the substance PSA, i.e. prostate-specific antigen) help to avoid sperm congestion.

Only imagine now what psychological help is ensured by sexual relations with your beloved person!

And, most likely, the scientists will find out much more advantages of a regular sexual activity! We can make a conclusion that sex is not only an extremely pleasant activity, it is also a surprisingly useful one.


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According to recent research from the University of Munster in fact, sexual activity is a great antidote to cluster headache, one of the most painful and debilitating headaches.

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