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Sexual Intercourse Duration: Myth and Realit

Sexual Intercourse Duration: Myth and Realit

It has been considered for a long time that a healthy sexual intercourse bringing maximum satisfaction to both partners must be rather long in duration. An ideal sexual partner was pictured in a woman’s imagination as a man with a big penis and a great sexual performance, able to have sex all night long.

The research has proven that an average woman needs approximately thirteen minutes to reach her orgasm. While only three minutes are sufficient for a man to ejaculate. The so-called premature ejaculation has appeared to be a rather usual phenomenon, that is why in a great number of cases it can be regarded as a man’s acceptable sexual behaviour.
The duration of a sexual contact is directly connected with a man’s age. Sexual excitability decreases with age, that is why after 26-29 years the duration of a sexual intercourse begins to grow gradually. Gaining more and more experience a man can learn how to control his ejaculation and consequently the duration of the intercourse.
One of the important factors affecting the duration of a sexual intercourse is the frequency of ejaculations. During a day, every next sexual intercourse increases at the average 1,5-2 times. Sexual abstinence shortens the duration of a sexual intercourse dramatically.
However, it should be admitted that an extremely long sexual intercourse, exceeding an hour and a half, may be even dangerous for one’s health, since it can cause congestion in the sperm path of a man of cardio-vascular diseases.
It should be borne in mind that the ideal sexual intercourse duration is very individual for every couple and it is not necessary to blindly aspire to meet any chosen criteria.
The scientists have polled their medical colleagues and found out that a three-minute sexual intercourse is considered to be quite satisfactory. And the best intercourse, in their opinion, lasts from 7 to 13 minutes.

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The longest sexual act occurred in the life of adult film actress Mae West. The most remarkable thing is that the whole process, which took 15 hours, occurred outside the work environment. The fact of the reality of the marathon confirmed her friend Ted.

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