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Decreased Libido in Sexual Relationships

Decreased Libido in Sexual Relationships

Decreased Libido in Sexual Relationships

Forums for women are crammed with the exclamations, such as “My sexual partner does not want me anymore!”, “My husband and I have been living together for ten years already, we love each other very much but we do not have sex anymore!”, etc.
We so frequently hear about the fact that sex drive between the spouses decreases with time that we already accept it as a norm. What is the cause of the decreased libido between the spouses? Can it be avoided? Can it be overcome? Or is it the inevitable evil that we simply have to put up with?
Living together is like the ocean having its high and low tides. It is quite normal, since it is impossible to have permanent, acute, immense happiness. And it must be good, since we would not be able to feel it if we did not experience pain, bitterness or loss. But unfortunately, it sometimes happens that if a couple does not work hard enough to save the relationships such emotional “low tides” can be the final ones.

Sexual harmony between the spouses plays the key role in conjugal life. However, it is extremely difficult to keep this harmony in everyday life when the couple constantly has to face domestic problems, overcome disagreements and suppress the growing irritation. Gradually, romantic atmosphere disappears from the relationships, there appear mutual reproofs and quarrels… Is it possible to avoid it? Undoubtedly, you should try to maintain your partner’s interest in you, it means you must have your own interests, take care of yourself, in a word, preserve some kind of an intrigue. 
It is wonderful when the spouses always try to add some variety to their family life, either engaging in role-playing games and visits to sex shops or having trips to exotic countries. The presence of shared bright experiences is extremely essential for a happy family life, since it helps the spouses to resist the pressure of the routine and preserve the feelings for each other.
But it is even more important to remember how precious your better half is to you, how much effort was needed to find him or her and how awful you felt being alone. But it turns out to be impossible to remember about it all the time. We can sincerely love another person and at the same time forget that unnecessary reproaches, irritation, raising one’s voice are unlikely to strengthen your feelings. It is essential at least to learn how to control your own statements, restrain your anger and forgive. Restrain your anger. Just three words, but not that easy to put into practice! But if you learn these few but most valuable things your life together with a beloved person will not only become easier but also more enjoyable. Your ability to keep silent in particular situations can happen to be a very precious quality and help you to overcome many difficulties. Even Pythagoras came to a conclusion that “One should not speak or act while ruled by anger”.
Unfortunately, we also pay very little attention to those pleasant trifles that are so easy to do and can give so much pleasure to your spouse. For example, a special bouquet of flowers, a favourite cake, cinema tickets for the action film starring his favourite actor or a ring that she circled in a catalogue… It is not at all difficult but is sure to bring a pleasant variety to your married life!

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There is quite an interesting statistic. On average, it takes about nine days between the first meeting and the first sexual intercourse among men and women.

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