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Age Disparity

Age Disparity

Age Disparity

“All ages bow to love”, the saying goes. It is true. But it is also true that at every age our expectations of love relationships change according to the changes in our lives. Different expectations and outlooks on life conditioned by the age quite naturally become the reason for conflicts often leading to a break-up. 
It is usually considered that the optimal age disparity between the spouses is when a husband is 3-5 years older than his wife, but all the people are different and that is why one should not make conclusions in haste and deny themselves their happiness being concerned about the statistics.
Let us consider different variants. For example, a man is considerably older than his woman. The indisputable advantage of such a partner is in his experience. As a rule, he got rid of various complexes long ago, including those of sexual character, he knows how to treat women right, how to court them and show the signs of his attention. And at the same time he will not be very persistent. Such a lover will be proud of his young beloved. The main disadvantage of such an age correlation is that the character of the man was formed long ago and even if in the beginning he tries to modify it, to adjust it to his lover or simply amend it, this will be virtually impossible in reality. Most likely he has already got particular habits, preferences, he is sure to spend his leisure time in a particular way too. So, in this case the best option for a woman is to accept him as he is in order to avoid unnecessary fraying each other’s nerves. Besides, it should be borne in mind that age is age, and most likely it will be useless expecting him to be as passionate as a twenty-year-old youth. 
When a woman is older than a man. Sexologists consider that in this case the optimal age disparity is 5-10 years. It is fortunate if a man is 20 or 25 years old, since in this case he is in the prime of his sexual life and will be able to satisfy the demands of the lady who is also at the peak of her sexuality. In such a situation a man obtains an experienced sexual partner. Besides, her life experience will prevent her from making scenes because of trifles. Such relationships are favourable for a woman, since she will have one more stimulus to look after herself in order to meet the needs of her young lover. In addition she will get an active sexual life. A great number of women claim that the best way to become much younger is to find a young and passionate lover.
The disadvantage for a man is that a woman is not as fresh in appearance as she was in her twenties. And she is not likely to keep him company in leisure time. She must have got enough of night clubs in her life and is sure to prefer a trip to a good resort to a long bicycle mountain tour. The young age of the partner can cause some problems for a woman too. Being close to a young man who is in the centre of attention of other women, very often younger than her, a woman can start feeling less attractive, lose confidence in her charms and even develop a couple of complexes. Moreover, a young man is unlikely to meet the expectations of a mature woman in terms of their life together. 
When both partners are young. It is a very wide-spread variant, a young couple, frequent quarrels, break-ups, misunderstandings, but at the same time a great number of positive aspects, such as an active rest, gaining the precious experience together and long years ahead on condition of respectful and caring attitude to each other.
When both partners are mature. There also exist a great number of pitfalls in the family life of such a couple, because if the partners have been together since youth it leads to the absence of novelty and some tiredness of each other. There is also a high possibility of a mid-life crisis, looking for the happiness on the side, and other “joys” of marriage. However, if we have a more optimistic look at it, there may be a lot of advantages, for example, if the partners have been living together for so many years it means that they are necessary for each other, that despite all the difficulties they have managed to preserve the feelings and mutual caring attitude.

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There is another interesting statistic. At the age of 20 to 70 years old man devotes approximately 600 hours of his life for sexual encounters.

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