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Heterosexual Anal Sex

Heterosexual Anal Sex


Anal sex (from Latin anus) is a sexual intercourse in which the penis or a dildo is inserted into the anus of a sexual partner.
Among the heterosexual couples anal sex is mostly wide-spread in the countries of Latin America and in the East. In the East it is connected first of all with the fact that a girl must remain a virgin before getting married. As for South American Catholic girls, it is forbidden for them to use contraceptives. The majority of couples practicing anal sex do it in search of new sensations, though some couples try to prevent the undesired pregnancy in such a way, still others engage in anal sex during the menstrual periods of a woman.
However, notwithstanding the fact that a great number of people tried anal sex at least once in their lives, and many couples practice it regularly, it will not be easy for you to find some detailed information on this topic outside the limits of the Internet. But if you have decided to try anal sex it is very important for you to find out as much about it as possible. 
First of all, it should be mentioned that many people regard anal sex as the rudest, animal kind of sex, however in reality it can turn out to be the manifestation of a woman’s trust in her partner and his careful and attentive attitude to her. That is why it might be wise to try anal sex for the first time with your permanent partner whom you know and trust. It is also very important in terms of physiology, since if a woman does not trust her partner, if she is tense or afraid, her sphincter contracts instinctively preventing the introduction of the penis.
If a woman has never practiced anal sex before at the first intercourse you can confine yourself to finger stimulation or oral stimulation (rimming). This will help your partner to get used to new sensations and relax. 
It is necessary to use a great amount of anal-specific lubricants which can be bought virtually at any pharmacy. It should be applied not only over the anus itself but also over the penis. 
You should not hurry, the penis should be inserted gradually and taken out immediately if the partner feels pain.
It is recommended to abstain from anal sex if you have hemorrhoids or dyspepsia (constipation, indigestion).
Use a condom. Firstly, because of safety considerations. Secondly, its use will considerably calm your partner, since women are usually afraid to dirty the other partner and due to this feel tense and cannot get any pleasure from the anal intercourse. And thirdly, if you have a desire to continue the sexual intercourse with vaginal penetration you will not have to run to the bathroom but simply take off the condom.
To overcome the possible feeling of disgust many people recommend giving your rectum an enema. However, you should not make use of this procedure very often, since it washes out the natural microflora of the rectum and irritates its tissues. And in general, it is not recommended to practice anal sex very often.
You can engage in anal sex without any harm to the health if you follow these instructions and remain attentive to the reactions and sensations of your partner.

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30% of men and women do not engage in anal sex. Nevertheless, it is worth knowing that the monotony in a relationship can destroy entire families. Therefore, many prefer such diversity: 15% of couples regularly engage in anal sex, 5% - only occasionally.

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