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11 January 2013 AT 10:20

Natural Viagra

Natural Viagra

Natural Viagra is intended specially for men suffering from a decreased sexual activity. Natural Viagra was developed to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction to restore their self-assurance and regain a full-blown sexual life. 

This medication not only ensures an increased blood flow to the penis by means of the intensification of blood microcirculation in the true pelvis area, but also favours the cell growth. Visually the size of the penis increases too. 
Natural Viagra – is an effective and mild medication which will enable you to enjoy a prolonged sexual intercourse. It is meant for treatment of sexual disorders, especially of mental and vascular etiology. It is recommended to take one pill of Natural Viagra 30 minutes before a sexual intercourse. It is forbidden to take more than one pill of Viagra daily. 
This natural stimulator contains different herbs increasing the sex drive. Ginkgo biloba leaf extract improves blood circulation. Tribulus Terrestris extract not only increases the sexual arousal, but also favours the production of the male hormone testosterone which helps to intensify the sex drive and makes sure a man remains young and active for many years. The main product of testosterone metabolism is a male sex hormone androsterone which possesses the biological action of testosterone. Besides, the medication contains a South American plant Muira Puama. It contains the resin which stimulates the central nervous system and increases libido. The name which Vayapi Indians attributed to this plant can be translated as “the thing that makes soft turn into rigid”. Muira Puama is used for general health improvement, stimulation of the central nervous system, fighting stress and erectile dysfunction treatment. Ginseng which is one more component of Viagra Original stimulates both physical and mental activities, tones up the central nervous system. Yohimbe bark extract neutralizes inhibitory and soporific effects of some substances, increases the blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis, in such a way intensifying the feelings during a sexual intercourse, tones up the neurons of the central nervous system and also stimulates signaling centres of erection. Oats have a generally improving effect on the organism due to the optimal ratio of fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins. Ginger improves the immune system, digestion, and has a tonic effect.
Viagra Original will help you to restore your full-blown life and not only save your relationships with a partner but also significantly improve them!



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Did you know that...

Viagra was originally created as a drug against angina. However, many patients have experienced a very rare and strange side effect. We are talking about uvelechenie potency, so Viagra is sold as a drug against impotence and erectile dysfunction.

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