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Viagra or Cialis

Viagra or Cialis

Viagra or Cialis

1.Reasons for taking stimulators.

2.Difference between them.


Erectile dysfunction (ED) also known as impotence is an inability of a man to achieve and maintain erections sufficient for the accomplishment of a sexual intercourse. Inability of a person to have full-blown sexual relationships has a negative influence on all the spheres of his life, this is a problem which is impossible to ignore. This condition seldom occurs on its own, as a rule potency-related problems appear as a result of psychological problems or diseases. It is very important to identify the real cause of impotence, otherwise effective treatment seems to be quite difficult.
There exist several different types of ED treatment:

•Psychotherapeutic treatment;

•Medicinal treatment;

•Penile prosthesis implantation;

•Intra-cavernous injections of vasoactive drugs method;

•Surgical treatment of arterial insufficiency;

•Surgical treatment of venous insufficiency.

The medicinal method of ED treatment appeared at the end of the last century and became very popular due to the low effectiveness of a psychological method. The psychological method was based on hypnosis which proved to be effective only in 20-30% of cases. 
Experimental ED treatment based on penile drug injections was first introduced by the physicians in 1982. Then it was suggested to use various medications mainly ointments for penile vasodilation. The first pills for ED treatment were invented in 1988. However, the pills became popular only several years later when in 1992 Viagra was invented. Nowadays there exists a wide range of pills for ED treatment. Such medications as Viagra and Cialis are much in demand.
So, which medication is more preferable to take? What criteria should a man’s decision be based on while choosing between these drugs?
Firstly, the main difference between the actions of these medications lies in the time courses of their effects. If in the case of Viagra you will be able to achieve erections within 4-6 hours, in the case of Cialis you will be able to have sexual intercourses within 36 hours.
Secondly, while choosing a medication it is important to take into consideration the time which it takes the drug to spring into action. For example, one website recommends taking Viagra Original one hour before a supposed sexual intercourse, and Cialis half an hour before it. Another site suggests Viagra administration 20-30 minutes before a sexual intercourse, and Cialis Brand – 16-45 minutes before. As a rule, all the sources of information point out that Cialis springs into action a bit earlier.
Some men who have tried both medications claim that “The effect of Cialis is considerably milder, its action is barely noticeable (in ordinary, not bedroom conditions), but when it finally comes to a bedroom scene (you have 36 hours at your disposal) the effect of the medication is felt considerably.” A great number of men who share their experiences of Viagra and Cialis administration on Internet forums agree that Cialis’ action is milder than that of Viagra.
Speaking about side effects – as a rule, men experience Viagra side effects more frequently. However, the reaction of every organism is individual, that is why the Internet is crammed with irritated comments of men who have suffered from Cialis side effects. 

Certainly, it is better for you to make a preliminary appointment with your doctor. We wish you good luck in treatment! ---

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Viagra is very useful in the treatment of high blood pressure, known as pulmonary hypertension. For the purpose of this treatment was patented medication Revati

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