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28 October 2012 AT 10:04

Viagra for women

Viagra for women

Viagra for Women

Frigidity is an insufficiency or lack of appropriate reactions of a woman in the process of a sexual intercourse. Nowadays it is more preferable to use such terms as anorgasmia or orgasmic dysfunction since the term frigidity has acquired a negative connotation. 
The manifestations of such a disorder can vary from a complete lack of erotic feelings to a normal participation in the sexual intercourse, excepting the ability to achieve orgasm. 
The causes of anorgasmia can be both psychological and physiological. 
Anorgasmia is a serious problem since the absence of orgasms in the sexual life of a woman leads to congestions in the true pelvis area, that favour the development of both gynaecological and various infectious diseases. Besides, anorgasmia results in certain difficulties in the family life of a woman, since a woman becomes easily irritated, hot-tempered, and sometimes even aggressive, more subject to bouts of moodiness. All these factors in some time can lead to a decline in sexual desire that, in its turn, can threaten the maintaining of healthy family relationships. 
It goes without saying that anorgasmia is a problem which must be solved. Appropriate treatment is necessary, which can be ensured by a sexologist. Sometimes a sexologist works together with a psychotherapist.
There also exists an opportunity for medicinal treatment of anorgasmia. In 1992 a substance called sildenafil was invented, and in some years the composition of a drug based on the active substance sildenafil was patented and got the name of Viagra. Some time later, a professor of Boston University  Irwin Goldstein established a clinic, where he engaged in the treatment of female sexual disorders by means of Viagra. In such a way there appeared a female variant of Viagra developed with due account taken of physiological peculiarities of a female organism. 
What is the effect of female Viagra on the organism? And is such a medication worth taking? Female Viagra intensifies the sexual arousal of a woman, ensures a better vaginal lubrication, increases the sensitivity of erogenous zones in a woman’s body.
The active substance of Viagra medication, sildenafil, ensures an increase in the genital and vaginal blood circulation, which increases the sensitivity of nerve endings in erogenous zones helping a woman to experience the maximum arousal.
As a rule, Viagra for women springs into action just within 45 minutes. The time course of the drug’s effect lasts up to 4-6 hours. It should be taken into consideration that the effect produced by female Viagra is individual, some women can feel the maximum effect of the medication only after the second or third administration. Before taking Viagra for women you should consult a doctor and besides, get to know all the contraindications very attentively. You should in no case take the medication during pregnancy or breastfeeding!
So, dear women, do not put up with the lack of orgasm in your lives, try to tackle this problem and you will evidently succeed!



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It is important to know that a woman's frigidity can occur for the following reasons: painful deflowering, a strained relationship with partner trauma.

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