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Sibutril review

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Sibutril review
29 2

I was recommended to use this medication after a long hard time in losing weight, almost a year, I lose weight very hardly and gain it back, although I am following a diet. After 5 weeks of using sibutril 15 mg, I started experiencing fast loss weight and some time a change of taste. But the only thing that was not changed is water and lettuce But this happened after a period of almost 1 week or slight more of drinking very little water during the day. I can confirm that these pills that i used to by from are safe and really helped me!

user by Laureen
Sibutril 15 mg review
13 3

Hi all, I have just received my sibutril 15mg tablets from and have taken 2 today, however I'm not feeling any different. I am not hugely over weight but did take others for the 3 past years which worked straight away. I just wanted to know if anyone could tell me what they experienced in the first few days of taking the pill, and did I go to the right place to source these pills? Thanks

user by Aida
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