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20 January 2011 AT 17:00

8 popular questions about potency and erection

8 popular questions about potency and erection


To start with we shall clarify what the potency and the erection is. The potency is the ability of the body to have sexual intercourse. More often it concerns the male body particularly. Meanwhile, the erection is a quite specific increase in the penis size and its hardening necessary for sexual intercourse.

When a man is sexually aroused a certain area of the brain responsible for sexual function reacts. This center is excited and sends nerve impulses to the genitals. The man gets increased blood pressure, breathing becomes more frequent, the penis fills with blood, increases and becomes stiffer. When this mechanism has even a minor failure, erectile dysfunction occurs.

Potency dysfunction is a very ticklish issue even for the most confident men. What are the questions most frequently asked by the stronger sex representatives in this regard?

The most common question is, perhaps, the constant male question of how to improve the potency. This question is impossible to answer unequivocally; the answer will depend on each specific case: whether the question is asked by a man who basically has normal erection and wants to enhance it just to give even more satisfaction to the female partner, or a person who is experiencing real problems with erection. However, there is one piece of advice to all: if you want to have a good potency for many years, live a healthy life. Male potency is affected by nicotine, alcohol, drug use, stress, excessive heat or prolonged hypothermia, radio frequency waves and radiation, irregular sexual life, chronic infections, and other factors related to the profession: constant sitting, dust, harmful vapours, etc.

At what age do the men start facing problems with the erection?

Around the age of twenty, erectile ability of a man reaches its climax, and then it gradually decreases. The complete disappearance of the erection occurs individually. For some men it can happen at the age of 40, others have the erection without any problems being very old men.

Does the regular sexual activity influence the potency?

Yes, it does. Regular sexual activity helps to preserve potency. One needs not to show too great zeal as well, sexual exhaustion can have the opposite effect.

Are there any diseases that affect the potency?

Unfortunately, there are. There are quite a number. Urogenital diseases, vascular sclerosis, some common diseases such as diabetes, adversely affect the potency. You should also not take hormonal drugs without a doctor's prescription. Stress, anxiety or depressed mental state are also the enemies for your sexual health. Alcohol and drug abuse have particularly strong detrimental effect on the man’s potency, with these diseases, first there is an increase in the potency, and then it disappears.

How many sexual contacts per week should a healthy man have?

Everyone has his own needs, it all depends on the man’s individual characteristics: age, physical health, etc. On average, 2-4 contacts per week can be considered a norm. By the way, lovers of variety in sex should keep in mind: lend a variety to your sexual life, but do not change the partners constantly. Studies show that having a permanent sexual partner influences the male potency in the best way possible.

When is the erectile dysfunction most likely to occur?

Most often, erectile dysfunction has a psychological cause. The reasons are often of a mixed nature, and very rarely erectile dysfunction occurs because of purely physiological causes. 

Is the erectile function related to the ability to have children? 

It is related only in the fact that sexual intercourse is necessary for fertilization, and that, thanks to modern technologies ... Potency may decrease significantly at the age of 35, and the ability to have children remains to the old age.

Does physical activity influence erectile function?

Yes, it does. Moderate physical exercise has a beneficial effect on the male body as a whole, and its potency in particular. However, overexertion of physical capability may lower the potency, because the growth of muscle mass leads to lower levels of the male hormone testosterone.

Moderate exercise, proper diet, avoiding harmful habits and minimal stress are the main factors that will help you significantly reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.


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Author of the book 'Sexual Behavior in the Human Male' by Alfred Kinsey in his research found that the fastest erection occurred in 3 seconds

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