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22 July 2011 AT 19:34

Potency drugs and antibiotics

Potency drugs and antibiotics

Many men ask questions about taking various potency drugs while taking antibiotics. It is known that antibiotics themselves have a negative effect on male potency. What if you need to take antibiotics, but you also want to be on the high horse in bed? May one take antibiotics along with potency drugs?

Typically, Viagra, Levitra and Cialis package leaflet does not indicate the use of antibiotics as a contraindication to the drug use. However, potency drugs information leaflet often says that sildenafil, vardenafil and tadalafil (active substances of these drugs, respectively) should be taken with caution while taking antibiotics. You need to know what kind of antibiotic you are taking and how it interacts with the substances that are the components of the potency drug. To do this, you need either to have medical education or specialist’s advice.

Some antibiotics can interact with components of potency drugs. For example, erythromycin or rifampicin may reduce or neutralize the effect of Viagra, when taking Levitra it is also advised to be careful with erythromycin: a dose of vardenafil, the active substance of Levitra should not exceed 5 mg, if taken along with erythromycin. Arbidol does not interact with sildenafil. Moreover, taking antibiotics simultaneously with potency drugs is fraught with increased side effects.

Please note that if antibiotics are not a contraindication to taking any potency drug, it does not mean that such a combination is safe! Most often, this combination of drugs simply has not been studied. Although a number of websites claim that intake of Viagra with antibiotics is fully compatible, please note that this is about an absolutely healthy person. But even absolutely healthy person should avoid this combination: both antibiotics and sildenafil affect the nervous system, plus the load on the liver. And, of course, you should not drink alcoholic beverages, is alcohol is badly compatible both with antibiotics and potency drugs.

If you still can not wait to take Viagra, Cialis or Levitra while taking antibiotics, contact your doctor. If antibiotics you are taking should not be taken with the potency drug you have chosen, perhaps, the doctor will be able to change the antibiotic or will help to find a diffrent drug.


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Viagra and other similar medications are not able to cause spontaneous erections. These funds only increase the body's response to a natural sexual arousal.

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