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Oral Sex

Oral Sex

Oral Sex

Oral sex is a kind of a sexual intercourse involving the stimulation of the genitalia of a sex partner by the use of the mouth or tongue.
The first written evidence of oral sex can be found in the ancient Egyptian treatises which date back approximately to the 30th century BC.
However, oral sex was not always an easily available kind of sexual pleasure. In 1012 BC The Archbishop of Germany declared that oral sex was a vixen trick, and consequently those engaging in it were tried and burnt at the stake. 
Nowadays the legislations of the majority of countries all over the world  do not regulate the practice of oral sex anyhow. But in some countries there are still historically conditioned  prohibitions on particular forms of sex. For example, in Indonesia oral sex is prohibited though such violations are rarely prosecuted. By 2003 oral sex was illegal in some states of the USA, but as a rule this law was executed in practice only to increase the extent of guilt of the person accused in a more serious sexual offence. On the contrary, in Singapore the attitude to oral sex is completely different, one can be sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment or have to pay a fine in the amount of 10 000 euros. 
The topic of oral sex which used to be a taboo now is frequently discussed on the pages of magazines, becomes the object of medical and sociological research. Nevertheless, a lot of people, especially women, still consider oral sex to be if not a sexual perversion then a certain deviation from the norm for sure. Is it really so?
The facts prove that if oral sex takes place on condition of mutual voluntary desire it is not only a normal and pleasant phenomenon in the sexual life of a couple, but also a healthy one.  
Sexologists claim that those couples who regularly practice oral sex quarrel less frequently and spend more time together. The families which practice only traditional sex break up 7 times more often than those where oral sex is also welcome. Such spouses usually have a healthier sleep, and see each other in erotic dreams. In contrast, in those couples where oral sex is a taboo, men tend to see in their sexual dreams not their own spouses but completely strange sexy ladies.---

Besides the psychological value of oral sex, which is especially important for men, we should also admit its benefits for health. Doctors highlight the advantages of fellatio for women’s health. 
Oral sex can help to relieve stress, since in the process of stimulation of the nerve endings on the lips the body produces hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for the relaxation of the organism. 
American scientists have found out that the sperm contains important minerals which strengthen the gums, besides zink and calcium which are also present in it improve the quality of dental enamel. Oral sex twice a week can lower the risk of dental caries in women by 40%! If a woman swallows the sperm during the ejaculation the risk of her having breast cancer is lowered by 40% too. It is really food for thought!
In the process of fellatio a woman’s organism receives the DNA of her sexual partner that will increase the chances of an embryo to adhere to the wall of the uterus successfully in case of pregnancy. If the sperm of one and the same partner regularly gets into the organism of a woman, the immune system adjusts to it and does not regard the proteins of the potential father as foreign bodies, consequently the process of rejection does not take place. 
Amino acids and lipids contained in the sperm help the organism to fight such stress stomach-related illnesses as ulcers, colitis and gastritis.
Fellatio can be used as one of the means of losing weight. If you provide the oral pleasure for your partner during 26 minutes you will be able to burn the number of calories equivalent to one consumed pizza.
Besides, the sperm contains hormone prostoglandin which can stimulate the production of female hormones once in a woman’s body. And this implies the improvement of hair and skin condition, rounding of hips and breasts.
Cunnilingus is useful for a man’s health to the same extent that fellatio is for a woman’s. In the process of cunnilingus a man receives useful hormones through the oral mucosa and these hormones have a favourable influence on his erection. Practicing cunnilingus regularly a man also receives female pheromones which have a rejuvenating effect. Besides, a man’s organism gets enzymes which improve the immune system, cardiac rhythm and blood circulation.



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Many women are averse to engage in oral sex. To avoid this, it is recommended to put a few grains of salt on the tongue before you do this. This method avoids the gag reflex.

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