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26 October 2011 AT 14:06



Masturbation: Pros and Cons

Recently it has stopped being shameful or disgraceful to speak about masturbation and to indulge in it, since pleasuring oneself has lost its taboo status. Moreover, every day there appear more and more statements of physicians about the benefits of masturbation for health. Masturbation can be male and female, child and adult. 
Let us discuss the point of advantages and disadvantages of masturbation in detail. When we are speaking about child masturbation, first of all we imply natural examination of one’s genitals, a child’s curiosity about his or her own body. The majority of doctors find it essential to make children break of the masturbation habit. Very frequently child masturbation passes on its own. However, it can develop into a rather harmful habit which will evidently be very difficult to get rid of. That is why parents must be informed about the causes of child masturbation and give themselves the trouble to consult a specialist if necessary.
In contrast, it becomes more difficult when we come across the masturbation of sexually mature people. Physically masturbation can harm a person only in case of overindulgence or in the case of female masturbation when sex hygiene is not maintained. But in terms of psychology there may appear certain problems. A person gets used to onanism very quickly, it rapidly develops into a habit. But when there appears a permanent sexual partner in his or her life the habit of masturbation becomes a problem. Very frequent self pleasuring can give rise to a psychological addiction and in some cases even the inability to achieve sexual climax with a partner. 
Besides, speaking about negative aspects of masturbation we may mention chronic masturbation which is for sure a deviation from the norm and should be treated.
But if a person does not engage in masturbation too much it can be beneficial for one’s health. Achieving orgasm while masturbating ensures an increase of serotonin “happiness” hormone in blood, which will considerably improve your mood. Besides, masturbation can help you to improve your sexual life with a partner. Self pleasuring helps people to find out what exactly gives them satisfaction and this knowledge can be used during a sexual intercourse with a partner. Masturbation excellently helps to relieve stress, relax or even ease the pain. 
A great number of girls start engaging in masturbation as a result of their own “discoveries”, when accidental touching or body movements trigger a new pleasant feeling. Very often the reason for female masturbation is unsatisfactory sexual relationships with a spouse. If several decades ago the absence of an orgasm was normally accepted by a woman, nowadays she will pay a great attention to it and will try to improve the situation. Approximately 80% of women while masturbating prefer to stimulate the clitoris or labia and only 20% imitate penile movements in the vagina. 
Female masturbation as well as male one can be occasional or chronic. Obsessive masturbation influences the sexual behaviour of a woman and can be an obstacle to her normal sexual relationships with a man. ---
Female masturbation differs from the male one since due to psychophysiological peculiarities of a female body an orgasm achieved by means of masturbation is never equal to a natural one. The fact is that a woman usually expects intimacy exactly with her beloved possessing particular personal qualities. But in the case of masturbation the personality component is missing.
Men masturbate with the help of massaging, caressing or reciprocal movements of the penis. At all times the society disapproved of masturbation, it was considered not only immoral but also physically harmful for one’s organism. However, statistics prove that approximately 90% of men at a young and mature age masturbate. And the recent research has shown that male masturbation can be beneficial for both physical and psychological health of a man. 
Regular self pleasuring relieves stress, improves the immune system, reduces the risk of strokes and prostate tumors. Similarly, masturbation has a favourable influence on the nervous system, removes depression symptoms and helps to fight stress. Surprisingly, masturbation increases testosterone levels and consequently intensifies a man’s need for sexual relationships with a partner. 
The research has also shown that patients who masturbated regularly had lower blood pressure rates in stressful conditions than the control group. On condition of regular masturbation the risk of strokes and heart attacks is reduced by more than 2,3 times! Patients ejaculating at least 3 times a week are 1,5 times less likely to have prostate cancer than those who have ejaculation 5-6 times a month. Onanism reduces the risk of prostate cancer in men after 50. 
Masturbation has a favourable influence on the organism and may become an enjoyable addition to partner sexual relationships, but it is important that self pleasuring should not substitute them. When a person engages in masturbation very frequently, when it becomes a regular habit it is considered to be “an obsessive masturbation”. An obsessive desire for onanism may testify to the existing mental disorders. But in the majority of cases obsessive masturbation presents a particular means of fighting stress or boredom. The best solution in this case is eliminating the causes of the mentioned triggers, but not the prohibition of the masturbation process itself. 
Finally, you can take into consideration all the pros and cons and make your own right decision. But do not forget that more than enough is too much.



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95% of free men masturbate. Also, this is the 89% of unmarried women. Married people are responding positively to this question in 70% of cases. Only 61% of Christian men say so.

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