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The History of Viagra

The History of Viagra

The History of Viagra Invention

Viagra is a medication for erectile dysfunction treatment. Viagra belongs to the group of inhibitors of phosphodiesterase of the fifth subtype. After the administration of the drug sexual arousal leads to vasodilation of the genitals that ensures a coming erection.
Viagra was invented as a result of pharmacological research of the Pfizer Company. In 1992 in an English town of Sandwich scientists were testing a substance called sildenafil. It was expected that sildenafil citrate would be able to increase a blood flow to the cardiac muscle and would have a particular influence on arterial pressure. Expectations fell flat, but the majority of men taking part in the experiment admitted a considerable improvement of erections.
In such an accidental way there appeared the most well-known medication for erectile dysfunction – Viagra. The name “Viagra” is a combination of the two words: Vigor (strength, power) and Niagara.

In 1993 the company started a long-term laboratory research to prove the medical properties of Viagra. More than three thousand men aged 18 – 60 tested the effect of Viagra. Soon a great effectiveness of potency improving Viagra pills was proved and in March 1998 the use of Viagra was approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
The Pfizer Company preferred to substitute the term “impotence” with a more euphonic one “erectile dysfunction” which helped to reduce discomfort experienced by the patients while discussing the illness with a doctor. Besides, it took the company a lot of effort to win the market of potency improving medications. The main difficulty was that despite approximately 30 million of men suffering from erectile dysfunction in the USA only, the society was not completely ready for an open and detailed discussion of such a problem.
The invention of Viagra pills helped a great number of men to improve their lives. Nevertheless, Viagra should be regarded as a serious medication but not as a drug which helps to pleasantly diversify one’s sexual life. If you are young, full of strength and energy and there is no trace of sexual disorders then you should not take Viagra, since it is a serious medication with its contraindications and side effects which is meant for treatment of a particular illness. That is why it is essential to read the instructions before taking this medication.




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There is speculation that Viagra is also effective against mountain sickness and helps improve the ability to work in conditions of oxygen deficiency, typical mountainous terrain.

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