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Sex and relationships

Maintaining a healthy sex life

Long sex life
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Sexual youth for many years

How to stay sexually active for many years? This issue disturbs the representatives of stronger sex non randomly. With age, the male libido decreases. Men can also suffer from a variety of age-related diseases which affect the potency. Mostly erectile problems are only a temporary phenomenon caused by various factors, which we will try to enumerate in outline below. In this case it is important to understand that these problems are quite solvable and occur to most men. This will allow a man to avoid the vicious circle of doubts in his own sexual abilities when unreasonable doubt emerges a real strength. So, the way of life.

▪ It is necessary to have regular sex. Regular sex with regular partner, with whom man is in fiduciary relations, will allow him not only to get permanent satisfaction, but also reduce the risk of erectile problems at an old age. However one should not "be active" too much: excessive sexual activity can have a negative effect on other spheres of your life, for which you will not have time or energy, or what is worse, it can lead to depression.

Go in for sports! Yes, yes, doing sports stimulates blood circulation and saves from excess kilograms (which are not conducive to a good erection). Modern men spend too much time in sedentary position: sitting at the table, before computer, watching television, driving / using public transport, etc. Because of the lack of movement every eighth man has problems with potency. Hypodynamia often leads to inability to have children and to impotence. So that avoid prolonged sitting and go in for sports! If your work involves sitting, then you should have break every 2-3 hours for the 10-minute race walking.

However, not all kinds of sports have a positive effect on men’s sexual function. Sedentary kinds of sports such as rowing or chess, are unlikely to help keep sexual function to deep gray hair. Even rare activity in any extreme sport could have a negative impact on health: men whose nervous system is more subjected to stress and strain, face a higher risk of erectile dysfunction.

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It is also important to understand that this is not a professional sports: athletes often have health problems.

Get rid of bad habits! Vessels of smoker are filled with slag and converge, which leads to increase of pressure and poor blood circulation, which in turn leads to problems with potency. A risk of a smoker who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day to face erectile dysfunction is increased to 60%. Also, smoking reduces men’s reproductive function.

Alcohol also affects the erection. Alcohol affects liver which starts to produce less male hormones in organism, those hormones which are responsible for potency. All this leads to erectile dysfunction in not old age. Daily consumption of 600 grams of wine may not only lead to problems with potency, but also to other diseases. Alcohol changes the structure of the sperm, which can eventually lead to men’s infertility.

Do not carry a mobile phone in your trousers pockets!

Studies have shown that men who kept mobile phones in their pockets or belts, sperm indices deteriorated by 20-30% just for one year! Phone signals in the network, even when you do not speak the mobile phone, so be careful.

Watch over nutrition.

It is important to take right meals. The organism must have a certain amount of vitamins and microelements. There are certain microelements which are especially necessary for men, for example such as selenium and zinc. It is important not to overeat. Excess weight leads to atherosclerotic vascular changes, supplying blood to the genitals. Thickening of the vessels walls causes deterioration of purification and supplying the genitals, making its blood supply impossible at the moment of sexual arousal. Frequent consumption of high-calorie products after 40 years can cause diabetes, which is fraught with a steady decrease in potency.

One should not eat plenty in the evening: after eating, as well as after an orgasm, a hormone of joy serotonin is secreted in the organism, which makes drowsy. In general, it is desirable to eat foodstuffs satisfying hunger, but not causing weight.

Watch over temperature: accept neither exposure to cold, nor heat, avoid bathing in very hot or very cold water. Overheating or overcooling can lead to chronic diseases of prostate. Also avoid overheating or overcooling of your genitals by underwear. Seat heating in the car causes even more harm to a man’s health than sitting on the ground. Overheating as well as overcooling of genitals leads to chronic diseases of prostate. During overheating and overcooling levels of the hormone testosterone decreases.

Avoid stress! Constant stress is one of many reasons of impotence. Unfortunately, often one does not manage to avoid stress, that’s why one should be able to cope with them.

Do not wear tight-fitting underwear made of synthetic materials.

Be careful with your health. Remember, even common cold being not cured in time has a pernicious effect on potency. Prostate diseases, complications of chronic infectious diseases transmitted sexually (such as ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, trichomoniasis) also lead to problems with potency.

▪ If you have problems with erection you should immediately consult a doctor medical.

Abidance by these simple recommendations will allow you to enjoy your sexual life for many years!

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A study conducted by the New Scientist, argues that male athletes who had sex before the competition, showed the best results due to increased levels of testosterone.

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