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15 September 2011 AT 16:19

Anti-erectile dysfunction drug Viagra

Anti-erectile dysfunction drug Viagra

Does Viagra treat erectile dysfunction?

Appearance of Viagra on the pharmacological market changed lives of many people. Effect of Viagra allowed men suffering from impotence, and their wives to forget about erectile dysfunction (ED) for a while. With time a lot of drugs similar to Viagra and many other anti-erectile drugs different from Viagra appeared. However in spite of widespread popularity of anti-erectile dysfunction pills, they arose a lot of questions up to now. One of the most frequently asked questions by men – does Viagra and similar drugs treat erectile dysfunction, or is it just another myth?

One can answer this question at once – no, alas, anti-erectile dysfunction drugs are efficient just temporarily, they can not treat impotence once and for all. After taking drugs erection does not appear on its own, but just at the moment of sexual arousal. Drugs like Viagra take their effect for a definitive piece of time. They can not have an effect on libido: if there is no desire, they will not help. This wonder pill will not save in some hard cases either, when physiology of penis is thoroughly disturbed. However according to interviews, the drug did 7 of 10 men a good turn. Those asked told about not only erection increase, but about more vivid sexual sensations too. They related that namely with taking Viagra.

Undoubted merit of drugs Viagra, Cialis and Levitra is in that they help men avoid onset of the syndrome of failure expectations. By far not every sexual failure leads to onset of this syndrome. However sometimes a man begins to attach too much importance to what happened and be afraid of the failure repetition in the future. Stucking on the failure and trying to get rid of disturbing thoughts, the man starts trying to control his sexual response. The more control, the more anxiety begins to increase before sexual intercourse. Thus, a vicious circle that can give rise to the spreading of sexual disorders. The most often these problems happen with men having anxious and hypochondriac character, with men who are subject to the formation of fixed thoughts. Therefore the decision to order Viagra, Cialis Brand or Levitra can have a positive impact. For example, having experienced sexual failure with a new partner, a man can take Viagra before the next meeting and be self-confident, which will let him avoid falling into the above described vicious circle. Thus, one can can say that in some cases though Viagra does not treat impotence, but prevents it.



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Scientists have proved that the use of Viagra does not cause the appearance of psychological dependence. On the contrary, with constant use of Viagra to see signs of regression of erectile dysfunction.

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