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Nowadays Cialis 20mg is one of the most well-known drugs for potency improvement. Men suffering from erectile dysfunctions give their preference to Cialis principally because of its long-lasting effect – up to 36 hours. There is a group of men considering Сialis to be such a drug which causes long-term painful erection. This assumption is absolutely wrong, active substance tadalafil can not cause long-term painful erection under all circumstances as a man has to have arousal for erection. Absence of sexual arousal results in absence of erection accordingly. Within a period of effect of Cialis Brand 20 mg a man is able to have multiple sexual intercourses.

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Cialis Brand and Generic have an identic formula, so that there is no least difference in their functioning. Cialis Generic is considered to be an exact prototype of the original madicine with the probable difference in an external design only. Those who intend to order and buy Cialis saving their money at the same time incline to order and buy generic tadalafil as it costs less. Difference in price does not demonstrate a functional concept since the original product was determined by high-priced research and advertising campaigns. That is the issue for cheaper generic production which corresponds to its attractive price for a consumer.

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Cialis Soft Tabs is a generic version of the original drug. The experience of taking this ED medication shows that it is more popular than the original drug because it is easier to take. Cialis Soft is produced in the form of chewable pills with different tastes. It works up to 36 hours too and men have no need to take an additional pill in this period of time to enjoy repeated sexual intercourses. If you buy Cialis Soft Tabs in this online pharmacy, you need no prescription, feel much better and have no fear of failure in the bed.

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Cialis Strips called Cialia is a generic ED drug based on tadalafil. It is an exact copy of the original product. But this copy is cheaper, that's why definite percentage of people prefer to order it. Cialia is very easy to take - this is one of the reasons why men order Cialia to increase their potency. Cialia contain the same active ingredient as Cialis 20 mg, but start to take effect more quickly. We offer you the best medicines at a reasonable price. For you as a customer it is very important to know that medications contain only the best active ingredients.

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Articles about Cialis

Counterfeit Viagra and drugs against ED

All about Cialis (tadalafil)

Cialis belongs to inhibitors of the phosphodiesterase-5 enzyme. Reactant of this erectile dysfunction drug is tadalafil. Tadalafil causes relaxation of smooth muscles of arteries and, consequently, increase of blood flow to male genital organs, which ensures a man good erection. Tadalafil takes effect for 36 hours after administration, and only during sexual stimulation, which is a great plus of the drug. This means that a man who has erection problems can take a pill of Cialis in the morning and may not worry that at the right time, for example, during an evening date, he will not be able to get his erection. At the same time as tadalafil can cause an erection only during sexual arousal, its appearance does not threaten the man at the most inopportune moment.

Viagra or Cialis

Viagra or Cialis

The medicinal method of ED treatment appeared at the end of the last century and became very popular due to the low effectiveness of a psychological method. The psychological method was based on hypnosis which proved to be effective only in 20-30% of cases.
Nowadays there exists a wide range of pills for ED treatment. Such medications as Viagra and Cialis are much in demand. So, which medication is more preferable to take? What criteria should a man’s decision be based on while choosing between these drugs?

Cialis and Levitra

Cialis and Levitra

Cialis and Levitra are the famous medication to treat erectile dysfunction. Each of there ed drugs is effective, but differs with its own properties. We are going to compare two ed drugs Levitra and Cialis.
Both Levitra and Cialis are indicated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The mediacations have different active ingredients, therefore the effect differs.

Cialis or Kamagra

Cialis or Kamagra

A lot of men who decided to fight with erectile dysfunction with mediactions face with a wide selection of various ed drugs. The best-known ed medication is still Viagra Pfizer. However, the sheer number of men chose such ed pills as Cialis and Kamagra. It is about them we are going to tell in this article. After comparing the medicinal properties of Cialis and Kamagra, it will be easier for you to make a choice!

Viagra Pfizer

Viagra Pfizer

From the first time it appeared on the market brand Viagra Original has become a synonym for effectiveness and quality. Indeed, it is the most well-known medication for erectile dysfunction. The active substance of the drug is sildenafil citrate. This substance increases the blood flow into the penis of a man in such a way ensuring a natural erection. However, such an effect can be achieved only on condition of accompanying sexual arousal. At the end of a sexual intercourse the penis returns to its normal relaxed state. In such a way the sexual intercourse goes on in a natural way.