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All about Cialis

All about Cialis

Cialis (Tadalafil) - is one of the most popular drugs against erectile dysfunction created by Icos and Elly Lilly companies. After the necessary clinical research the drug was approved by the European Union and in 2003 tadalafil appeared on the pharmaceutical market under the trade name "Cialis". Since then Cialis firmly have taken the 2-nd place as the most popular drug among erectile dysfunction medications, surrendering the first place only Viagra. However, many men consider Cialis to be much better than Viagra by two reasons: firstly, Cialis Viagra starts to act more quickly, secondly, the effect of Cialis lasts considerably longer. It is a long lasting effect of Cialis that ensured it such high popularity.

But which effect does Cialis take? Cialis belongs to inhibitors of the phosphodiesterase-5 enzyme. Reactant of Cialis drug is tadalafil. Tadalafil causes relaxation of smooth muscles of arteries and, consequently, increase of blood flow to male genital organs, which ensures a man good erection. Tadalafil takes effect for 36 hours after administration, and only during sexual stimulation, which is a great plus of the drug. This means that a man who has erection problems can take a pill of Cialis in the morning and may not worry that at the right time, for example, during an evening date, he will not be able to get his erection. At the same time as tadalafil can cause an erection only during sexual arousal, its appearance does not threaten the man at the most inopportune moment.

Of course, not everybody can take tadalafil. There are certain contraindications concerning administration of Cialis. This hypersensitization to tadalafil, and also administration of drugs containing any organic nitrates. One should take these contraindications most carefully. Cialis is not intended for abuse it by women and persons under 18.
Patients with mild and moderate renal insufficiency should take tadalafil carefully take tadalafil. Effect of tadalafil to persons with severe renal insufficiency has not been studied, so the latter should not take Cialis. Patients with hepatic failure don’t need special adjustment of a dose. Also there’s no need in special adjustment of Cialis dosage for people of advanced age, although it should be mentioned that men over 65 years have low tadalafil clearance.

Cialis is recommended to be taken before sexual activity, regardless of food intake. The maximum dose of Cialis is 20mg for 36 hours. If a smaller dosage is enough for a man then the pill may be divided into 2 or 4 parts. In case of overdose one should immediately consult a doctor.

The most frequent side effects of Cialis are headache and dyspepsia. Blood "rushes" to the face more seldom, myalgia, stuffiness in nose, and back pain. Very rare side effects of tadalafil are hyperemia of the conjunctiva, eyelids edema, vertigo, eyes pain. Side effects of tadalafil trend to be decrease in the course of time.

Also, before administration of Cialis one should attentively get to know interactions with other substances. For example, CYP3A4 inhibitors (erythromycin, itraconazole, etc.) increase tadalafil activity. So, if you are taking any medications before administration of Cialis we recommend you to consult your doctor in charge.

One may often meet assertions in the Web space that Cialis can be taken with alcohol. That’s not true. Actually tadalafil does not interact with ethanol. But it is important to understand that both tadalafil and alcohol expand blood vessels, which can lead to a sharp drop of blood pressure. Also, simultaneous administration of Cialis and alcohol increases the side effects. Cialis manufacturers warn of a high risk of severe illness and fatal cases related with vascular factors, this category concerns to people who regularly drink alcoholic beverages, because as a rule they have already problems with the vessels. That’s why we strongly recommend to avoid drinking alcohol when taking Cialis.

There are also such drugs as Cialis Generic, Cialis Strips (Cialia) and Cialis Soft Tabs. How do they differ from Cialis Brand?
To start with let’s consider the drug Cialis Generic. Generics - are drugs similar to original drugs, that is, they have the same active ingredients, the same drug formulation as the original drugs. High-quality generics are of the same level of quality, efficiency and safety as the original drugs.
Of drugs-generics come on the market after lapse of time of patent protection for a certain active substance. The composition of generic adjuvants may differ. As a rule, generic drugs are cheaper than original drugs, because cost of generic doesn’t go for the expenses for clinical studies, lab tests and different additional tests which are conducted by pharmaceutical companies inventing the original drug. Generic manufacturers have only to prove the identity of the basic active ingredient of the drug.
However, buying generic, the buyer should be careful. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), from 10 to 20% of generic drugs are not tested for quality control. Many manufacturers of generics buy cheap generic substances of very low quality in supplier countries of counterfeit pharmaceutical production (India, Vietnam and China). Manufacturing such substances one use modified methods of synthesis, which lead to the formation of degradation products and toxic substances.
But one should not forget that about 50% of the original drug manufacturers are producing generic drugs. When generic drugs are produced in strict accordance with the fixed regulations, they are not less effective and safe as the original medicines.
Therefore, if you choose Cialis Generic online, make sure that the site where you make a purchase is reliable. This will help you to protect yourself from counterfeit. If you take Cialis Generic constantly, but do shopping on websites, we recommend you too keep the packaging. If the packaging is with obliterated characters, torn or damaged, it is also an occasion to become alerted and not take the drug.

Also Cialis Soft Tabs are in good demand. Cialis Soft is a chewable pills against erectile dysfunction. They are different from Cialis Original because owing to Cialis Soft which enters the bloodstream through the mucous membranes of the mouth, chewing tablets Cialis start taking effect in 15 minutes. Effect duration of Cialis Soft is the same as that of usual Cialis: 24-36 hours. On the whole, the effect of chewable tablets has the same effect as Cialis Original, but it comes faster. Cialis Soft is effective only during sexual stimulation. Cialis Soft pills have different tastes. They are recommended to keep away from children, as they can easily be entangled with normal chewing tablets.

Cialis Strips are Cialis strips with different tastes. Cialis Strips as well as Cialis Soft have the same effect as Cialis Original. One strip contains 10 mg of tadalafil. The only difference is in the way of taking Cialis and speed of effect onset. Cialis Strips is recommended to be put under the tongue for the strip melting. The optimal time for receiving Cialis Strips is 15-20 minutes before expected sexual activity.

So, as we can see, lovers of tadalafil have a choice! Basic advantage of tadalafil is typical of all Cialis drugs: its effect lasts up to 36 hours. This means that Cialis will not only help men suffering from erectile dysfunction to return to an active sexual life, but also much more free to choose the time for sexual contact which will return men’s confidence in their sexual potency and respect in their partners’ eyes.
Many men once face a problem of erectile dysfunction. There’s no need for despair and giving up for lost their own sexual life - if used properly, such drugs as Cialis will help you to cope with erectile dysfunction and feel confident in bed!

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Cialis is a drug very similar to Viagra, but with some special features, Cialis is characterized mainly by its action lasting, Cialis works for 36 hours and will provide a strong erection.

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