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Work with us Pharmacy Affiliate Program

Why work with us

1. Lifetime commissions
       Your customers are yours, even if their next orders do not come from your website.

2. Highest Order Average
Our shops have the highest order average from 140 € -180 €.

3. Highest Conversions

       Our shops have the highest conversion per visitors +7%.

4. Highest Bonus

       We offer bonus percentage for each orders from 23% to 35%.

5. Weekly Payment

       We offer a weekly payment to all our affiliates.

6. Multi Language Supporting
     We provide services in 9 different European languages.


4 Ways to be our affiliate


1. Professional Affiliate
      Who have experience leading websites and know how to generate a lot of traffic.

Beginners Affiliate
      Generate traffic from forums, social networks, new sites and banner ads for  free!

Web Site Owners
       Affiliate with websites that want to place our banner there - passive income.

Client Reviews
       Recommended us to friends or on forums and start to earn much money - passive income.


  Fully Free Supporting!

1. Websites & Creative
       Websites, designs, Banners, Content, translation and everything you need.

Control interface
       Real and most reliable statistics, so you can check our credibility and your  traffic.


Join Us Today

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 Start To Earn Real Big Money Now!


We know it is not easy but possible!

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